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World's Strongest and Most Comfortable Groin Protection - Hand Made in the USA from The Strongest Materials On Earth

The Toughest Baseball Cups For Catchers and Position Players

Josias Manzanillo Adams, Yadier Molina, Caleb Joseph and other MLB players who have suffered from severe groin injuries (some of whom have switched to NutShellz protection) will be the first to tell you that taking the field with an inadequate cup, or no cup at all, can have life-altering effects. The mass-produced plastic cups that you can buy at big-box stores simply aren’t good enough. They are cheap, thin, and designed to sell en masse at a low price point. But would you trust a baseball cup like that to protect you from a 110 mph line drive or a foul tip? We certainly hope not. NutShellz® offers ballistic-grade cups that are as comfortable as they are protective. Keep your most sensitive body part safe with one of our baseball groin cups.

Trusted by MLB Players

Caleb Joseph of the Toronto Blue Jays holding an Armored Nutshellz protective cup

The Best Cups For Baseball Players

Nutshellz® Baseball & Hockey Cup | Catchers + Positions | Adult Black


Nutshellz® Baseball Cup | Adult | Black & White Carbon


Nutshellz® Black Cock & Balls/ Black Surround/Jock combo/Adult/Level 1


Nutshellz® Armor/ Blue/Jock-Short Combo/Adult/Level 1


Nutshellz® Armor/Yellow/Jock Short Combo/Adult/Level 1


Nutshellz® Armor Adult Groin Protector Cup | Green | Aramid


Our Customers Love the Protection

Catcher Groin Cups - Stop Taking Risks With Poor Protection

Baseball catchers stand in harm’s way every time a pitch is thrown. Not only does average pitch velocity get higher as you progress through high school and collegiate sports, but the movement on pitches grows as well. For instance, D1 pitchers may throw over 90 mph, but their slider will also have a nastier break than lower-tier pitchers. Risks to catchers may include:

  1. 1. The sheer velocity of a fastball passing under your glove
  2. 2. Getting “crossed up” because of miscommunication with a pitcher
  3. 3. Incredible amount of movement on breaking pitches causes additional risk
  4. 4. Foul tips - you can’t control these at all

As a catcher in any level of baseball, there is no reason to use a cheap athletic cup made out of thin plastic. Think about it this way - the costs associated with surgery, rehab, and/or loss of reproductive function are much higher.

Athletic Baseball Cups For Other Position Players

There’s a reason Cal Ripken Jr. protected his groin with a metal cup. You are only 90 feet away from the batter, and a 100 MPH line drive will reach you in a split second. Pitchers are also in harm’s way every time a batter swings; at 60 feet of distance, they don’t have time to react to a hit with high exit velocity.

Truthfully, it’s foolish for any infielder to play baseball without a protective cup. Outfielders can catch bad bounces as well - all it takes is one unlucky misplay and your season is over.

Baseball players have sustained serious testicular injuries during pick-off attempts at first base, while batting, while sliding into home plate, and many other scenarios, so the wise thing to do is to purchase a NutShellz® cup and wear it to every single game and practice.

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