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World's Strongest and Most Comfortable Groin Protection - Hand Made in the USA from The Strongest Materials On Earth

Athletic Cups For 100 MPH Foul-Tips, Slapshots, and More

You can’t trust a mass-produced, cheap piece of plastic to protect your groin from foul-tips, cheap shots in MMA, and hockey pucks. That’s why numerous elite athletes and professionals have switched to NutShellz. We pair ballistic grade materials with ergonomic design to deliver the safest and most comfortable cup on the market.

Protective Athletic Cups By Sport


Nutshellz® Level 1 Adult Hockey and Baseball Cup (Blue)


Nutshellz® Red Level 1 Athletic Groin Protector (Adult)


Nutshellz® Cock & Balls Black Surround (Black) Protective Cup


Nutshellz® Armor/ Green/Jock-Short Combo/Adult/Level 1


Nutshellz® Armor/ Blue/Jock-Short Combo/Adult/Level 1


Nutshellz® Black Cock & Balls/ Black Surround/Jock combo/Adult/Level 1



Nutshellz® Red Level 1 Athletic Groin Protector (Adult)


Nutshellz® Cock & Balls Black Surround (Black) Protective Cup


Nutshellz® Armor & Hockey Jock Short Combo/Adult/ Level 1


Nutshellz® Baseball Cup | Adult | Black & White Carbon


Nutshellz® Baseball & Hockey Cup | Catchers + Positions | Adult Black



Nutshellz® Aramid & Carbon Fiber Youth Athletic Cup


Nutshellz® Youth Protective Cup & Jock Short Combo


Nutshellz® Youth Baseball Cup & 2 Jock Combo | Level 1


Nutshellz® Youth Hockey Cup & Hockey Jock Short Combo Level 1


How Do You Choose a Protective Cup?

If you play baseball, hockey, or another contact sport, you absolutely must wear groin protection. It may take some getting used to, and you might feel like it inhibits movement, but you will get used to it. The injuries you can sustain while playing baseball or hockey are far worse than any minor discomfort you might experience wearing a cup.

That said, NutShellz cups and athletic jock shorts fit better than other athletic equipment, and they are infinitely safer.

Avoid Plastic - Choose a Stronger Protective Cup

You’re protecting your body’s most sensitive area, so why would you rely on cheap, mass-produced plastic gear? If you’re a baseball catcher, for instance, you may take a baseball traveling 100 mph to the groin. You don’t want the only thing standing between you and surgery to be 1/10 of an inch of cheap plastic.

Our groin cups are made with Aramid, carbon fiber, and other strong materials, and they are ballistic grade. This isn’t overkill - we’ve seen enough life-altering groin injuries to baseball and hockey players to know that athletes need a better option than the cheap cups at big-box sporting goods stores.

Get a Groin Cup With an Ergonomic Fit

NutShellz athletic cups go a step further than off-the-shelf gear. Our cups are designed ergonomically, so your comfort and ability to perform on the field or ice are the top priority. We also include a high quality urethane border for additional comfort.

Is Your Cup Intended For Your Sport?

Baseball players sprint, dive, stride, squat, and perform other unique actions during every game and practice. Your cup should move with you. The same applies to hockey players and goalies - you don’t want to entrust your safety to a generic cup that wasn’t specifically designed for the rigors of your sport. For a cup that is comfortable, safe, and designed with you in mind, get a NutShellz protective cup.

Yes, You Need To Wear a Groin Cup

In 2015, the Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania surveyed 700 collegiate and pre-college athletes to see how many of them wore cups. The sports included baseball, hockey, football, lacrosse, and wrestling. Shockingly, only 13% of the surveyed participants wore a cup regularly. Presumably, the 13% of athletes who did wear a cup was heavy with baseball and hockey players, but many lacrosse players and other athletes should be wearing cups as well.

It only takes one errant puck, a bad foul tip, or a full follow-through from a lacrosse stick to cause a testicular hematoma or worse.

How Should Your Protective Groin Cup Fit?

Simply put, your cup needs to cover the entire groin area even when you are moving around, running, squatting, and more. It should be held securely with your athletic supporter or jock, but if it shifts around because it’s too big, or if the testicals are not fully covered because the cup is too small, you are in for a bad time. Furthermore, the testicals should not rest on the cup - the shock of impact could still cause serious injury.

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